Interview with Mrs.Ford


Brianna Flores , contributor

Mrs. Ford has been working as a teacher for 8 years. The first four years she taught in Chile at a middle school. Then four years here at Hueneme. She teaches Spanish NS3 and AP classes grades sophomores through seniors. Mrs. Ford was born and raised in Chile, South America. She studied in Chile at the university, and she earned her teaching credential and master’s degree in the US.

As an adult, 18 years ago she immigrated from Chile to the U.S while her parents and family are in Chile. She traveled here to pursue being a bilingual teacher. Spanish was Mrs. Ford’s first language and as she grew she taught herself to learn English. She grew up with 3 brothers and one sister. Her favorite food as a child was pasta and roasted chicken that her mom would make, she loved gathering around the family table. Those are memories she loved the most she says.

Some things that she likes to do during her free time are to watch movies, take walks, swim, and spend time with her family. Mrs. Ford enjoys to travel she says her favorite places to travel are Portugal, Italy, and Spain. Mrs. Ford has a beautiful family with her husband who works in business and her son named Clemente.