Time here at HHS

Jesus Aparicio, Contributor

I came to Hueneme High Scool my Junior year not knowing what to expect. During summer I had heard a lot about the school. Most things I heard were negative and some positive. I was a little nervous about going to school because I didn’t know anyone except my friends who also transferred to the same school as me. It was five of us including me. I was nervous about going to class and sitting down and not knowing anyone. I’m not really talkative unless I know you or if someone starts a conversation so I feel anti-social.

I was very talkative with my friends who I know for a period of time that year at Hueneme High School, but I kept a small circle of friends my whole junior year until I met a couple of seniors and got along with them. My senior year so far has been different having to meet new people since we are the new seniors and I lost a lot of friends because some graduated and some went to a different school. So far Senior year has been a little stressful but I been trying to do my best. I have been tardy a lot to one class but I am trying to improve that. I hope to graduate this year 2020.

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