Interview On Syerra Rodriguez


Kinverly Garcia, Contributor

When your birthday?

* August 11, I’m a summer baby (:

How many siblings do you have?

* I have 3 brothers. We are all a year and a half apart.

What’s your favorite color? Why?

* I have two favorite colors. They are lilac and yellow. I like lilac because it reminds me of the special things I have in life and I like yellow because I like sunflowers.

What’s your favorite sport? Why?

* I don’t really like sports because I find them boring.

Where’s your favorite place to go? Why?

* My favorite place to go is the beach to relieve my stress.

What’s your favorite thing about high school? Why?

*  My favorite thing about high school is getting to experience new things every day.

Who’s your favorite artist? Why?

*  Kehlani because I love the rhythm and beat of her music.

Who’s your best friend? Why?

*  Adara Cardenas because she’s always there for me and she understands me. She’s also a great person.

Who’s your favorite teacher? Why?

*  Mr. Thomas because he is a great teacher.

what’s your favorite subject at school? why?

*I don’t really have one, I just don’t really enjoy coming to school.

What do you do out of school?

* I go to work and hang out with my friends.

Do you like to party?

*  No because I’m a boring teen.

What are your plans after high school? Why?

* I want to go to school to become a cosmetologist and makeup artist because doing makeup is something I do enjoy doing. Their so many creative makeup looks that you can create with many different eyeshadow pallets.

Do you want kids? Why?

* I don’t want kids because I think it’s to much work and I’ll rather focus on my career.

What was your favorite thing about your 4 years in high school?

* My favorite thing out of all four years is getting to experience the water polo and swim team.