job as a teen


Brianna Flores , contributor

1 in 4 high school students age 16 and older work. In most cases, you must be 16 and older to work and must provide a work permit to get the job. To maintain your job, you must also maintain your grades. When applying for a job you must fill out a resume and answer a series of questions. You may or may not be called in for an interview. During your interview, there will be topics covered such as work hours, rules, facts about yourself such as weaknesses and strengths. As a minor, you will be restricted to certain jobs or certain areas of the job. Such as alcoholic beverages, drugs, and safety hazards.

With a job as a teen also comes with a lot of stress. On average teens rank higher than adults on stress levels on the scale from 1-10 a teen stress level is 5.8. 78% which comes from work and school. As in adults, their stress levels average to a 5.1.


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