An interview with Athena Medrano

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An interview with Athena Medrano

Kimberly Barajas, contributor

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 What’s your dream job? Why?

” To become a NICU nurse because I want to help babies that aren’t as healthy or stable as healthy babies are “

What’s your favorite sport? Why?

” Softball because it keeps me fit and I’m a boss at it”

What’s your future goal?

” To start my own business in the makeup industry “

 If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

” Fuji because it would be a very beautiful place to explore “

What is your favorite clothing brand? 

” Nike ”

Who is your favorite music artist? Why?

” Yg because he’s sexy and his voice is so fine “

Who is your role model in life? Why?

” Kylie Jenner because she’s a billionaire only at the age of 21 “

What’s your favorite movie? Why?
“ Sandlot because the whole movie is about my favorite sport “

What’s your favorite animal?
“ Butterflies because they are colorful“

What’s your favorite food?

”Chile Rellenos and hot Cheetos “