The 2000’s Era

Kayvon Mosby, Contributor

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For those who were born in the late 90s and early 00s, you would know how crazy the 2000’s generation was. Things were way different back then than it is now. Technology has definitely improved, fashion, music, trends, everything. Now for the kids today won’t know about any of this, but you’ll see how things changed over time.

1. Music: Since there wasn’t any Spotify nor Apple Music, you had to download music from your computer or from iTunes to play it. We use MP3 players and the first iPod nano since cell phones couldn’t play music.

Image result for mp3 player 2000s   Image result for mp3 player 2000s

2. Photos: With then not having Social Media yet, you have to use an actual camera to take photos. Or you had to watch the news channel.

Image result for 2000s camera

3. Fashion: Fashion 10 years ago was similar to the 90s, everyone was wearing oversized shirts and baggy jeans. Now everyone’s clothes are more fitted

Image result for early 2000s fashion      Image result for early 2000s fashion men      Image result for early 2000s fashion men

4. TV: TVs were very big and similar to a box and some of them were very heavy as well. No HDMI cords only component cables.

Image result for box tv                  Image result for 2000s tv                  Image result for component cable

5. Video Games: Video games were very big as well. Consoles such as the PlayStation 2 and the Nintendo Gamecube were very popular. The PSP was the most popular handheld at the time.

Image result for ps2              Image result for gamecube                       Image result for psp

6. Dance Trends: Dances such as “the dougie”, “the jerk”, and “crank that” were very popular and viral. Everywhere you would so everyone was doing it.

Image result for teach how to dougie      Image result for your a jerk dance      Image result for crank that dance

7. Cell Phones: Cellular Phones were just starting to become popular. This was when keyboards were literally attached to the phone. With no internet nor games at all, you were really just calling and texting.

Image result for early 2000s phone            Image result for phones in the 2000s

You can clearly see how different things were over 15 years ago compared to now. Everything that we use today wasn’t even a thing yet. Technology definitely improves over. As this year is coming to an end I hope to see what the 2020s bring us.

Photo Credits are from Google Images