My High School Experience

Kinverly Garcia , contributor

My high school experience is going so good; I’ve met so many new people and I actually like being in a public school than being in independent studies. I was in independent studies for a whole year and I felt lonely and I didn’t have any fun. Now that I’m in a public school, I’ve met a lot of wonderful people and I actually go out more often. I met Syerra and Saray and I’m really glad that I met them because they have shown me what real friends are. They’ve been there for me in my hard days and in my good days; I’ve also been there for them when they need anything. Syerra and I are graduating together and we’re going to do senior activities and crazy things together after graduation. All my teachers are nice and my classes are good; I am passing all my classes with A’s B’s and C’s. I also have been going to school field trips and they’re so much fun and interesting because I get to see so many different places. I’m excited for the senior activities, for Grad Nite, to buy my cap and gound, and to graduate with all my friends.

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