what is love?


Saray Cortez, Contributor

Love is such a beautiful thing. The most beautiful type of love is the love a mother has for its kid.  She carries it for 9 months and gives birth. She is there through your ups and downs and never leaves your side. Through her, you are taught to love and care because she showed you that love. Beautiful isn’t it. Now you go on in life and that special someone comes into your life unexpectedly and suddenly your in love .. You fall in love with that person because they are always there, for when you need them and they stick around through your ups and downs. That right there is love because that person is willing to stay and love you unconditionally, no matter the situation. Love is a strong affection towards a person. Love is when you chose to be your best when your sufficient other isn’t. Loving a person is a feeling that is never going to fade. It’s a feeling that you are always going to feel. This feeling is going to make you feel so good about yourself and make you so happy. The words “I love you” are strong words that you experience with a feeling.

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