gun violence

gun violence

brianna flores , contributor

Every day over 100 people is killed due to gun violence. 22,274 are due to suicides,1283 connected to homicides, 496 are by law enforcement,487 are unintentional deaths. That’s a total of 36,383 deaths per year due to gun violence. Another big problem with gun violence is school shootings. Recently there were threats to Oxnard High School and E.O Green Jr High of alleged school shootings recently. There have been organizations created for this problem such as CSGV, Brady Campaign, and Everytown For Gun Safety.   


Many people may ask how do people and kids have access to these weapons. In fact, there is no law that you do not need a permit to purchase one. In the majority of the states it is legal to carry a firearm without a permit this gives access to kids in homes with guns. As many people believe there should be stricter gun laws many also believe the right to bear arms following the second amendment.

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