10 Interesting Facts about California

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10 Interesting Facts about California

Cesar Rangel, contributor

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There are many interesting facts about California, here are ten of them.

  1.  More turkeys are raised in California than in any other state.
  2.  California is the first state to reach a trillion-dollar economy.
  3.  California is home to two of the top ten most populated cities, which are Los Angeles and San Diego.
  4.  San Bernardino County is the largest county in the country, almost being nearly 3 million acres.
  5.  The first movie/motion picture opened in Los Angeles in 1902.
  6.  California is home to Death Valley which is known to be the driest place in the United States and is known to reach temperatures of 115 degrees or more during the summer.
  7.  California produces approximately 17 million gallons of wine each year and 300,000 tons of grapes are grown each year in California.
  8.   Sequoia National park has the only living tree which is 102 feet/31.08 meters in circumference.
  9.  The Hollywood Bowl is the biggest outdoor amphitheater
  10.  Approximately 500,000 seismic tremors or earthquakes are detected annually

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