Becoming a Police Officer


Yahir Avalos, contributor

Becoming a Police Officer is not an easy task, it is a lot harder than you might think. It requires you to have what it takes. Police Officers protect people and serve the community, so it is a 24-hour public service with unsocial hours. There is 3 types of shifts; a shift, b shift, and c shift. A shift is the “morning” shift so it mainly starts at 6 am. B shift is the “evening” shift and normally starts at 2 pm. C shift is the “graveyard” shift so that’s at 10 pm. Officers have a 10 hr/4 day work week so your schedule can vary.

The education you need is not too important to become a Police Officer. You are required to at least have a High School Diploma or GED. It is optional to obtain a bachelor’s degree. Although it is very beneficial to have a degree while being a police officer. You must pass the law enforcement entrance exam. This exam consists of a written exam and physical exam. The final step is graduating from the academy. The police academy can last to six months with a curriculum covering topics such as seizures, criminal statutes, traffic laws, firearm training, driver training, and physical conditioning.

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