Hurricane tracking tech could regress 30 years due to 5G networks

Zack R., Contributor

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Tracking hurricanes and calculating their path could be vital information to saving millions of lives every year. 5G networking is the future with many companies starting to use it as a standard with modern phones. This could cause issues with tracking and locating hurricanes. These networks and the satellites that are used to track hurricanes both use 5G connections. Neil Jacobs is the acting head of NOAA testified that 5G networking would e decreasing accuracy by 30 percent, bringing it back to the year 1980. This would create a delay of 2-3 days, a vital time for people that will be affected by the hurricane. Weather officials say urgent action needs to be taken. Wherever 5G is used they will have to cut the satellite observations of that area. There is hope for both sides tho. 5G can be used it would have to be turned down so that water satellites will not pick up the signal as much.


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Information From: Nicole Karlis The Salon