Newspaper Beginner Guide

Kimberly Pichardo, Contributor

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On your first day, you will most likely meet with your class and teacher in your homeroom. After a week or two you guys will then start working  in the Library or Career Center, where you guys will continue to make Articles the rest of the year. Within the first few days, you will be assigned an editor where your work will be edited and monitored as well by your teacher. Your editors are there if you have any questions about your grades or what you can do to improve your work. As time goes by, you will be asked to make a profile for your account. In your profile you are to write about yourself but avoid very personal details as well in articles. Good things to include would be your likes and dislikes, hobbies, personality, or whatever information you would like to provide. As you are given time to finish up your profiles, those who are done are asked to go on the voyager and look at articles from the previous years to get a sense of what we do in Hueneme High School’s Newspaper class. When most of your classmates are done, you will then be taught how to create articles. To achieve an A in the class you are to expected to turn in 2 articles a week with the total of 8 a month. For any further questions please ask your editors or teacher, thank you.