Last Year at Hueneme high school


Ariana Juarez, Contributor


This year will be my last year as a high school student and the last year as well to be he at HHS.

It does not really feel like four years have pass by already since freshman year first started.

In these four years at being a High School student I have learn many skills and life tips that I would use in the outside world and probably on College.

The teachers an staff here at Hueneme high are usually very kind and understandable, there are some that are not so really, but at the end you leave the bad behind and take the good forward.


When I first got here to Oxnard I never thought that I would love school so much and that I would persuade my goal until the end.

School was not always easy for me, but thankfully my family never let me give up and they always cheer me up, even in the worst moments of my student career.

With that I now leave with such a big gratitude to all those who believe in me and were always there to help me out.




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