History of Hot Cheetos

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History of Hot Cheetos

Isabel Vargas, Contributor

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The inventor of Hot Cheetos was a janitor that work at Frito-Lay and his named was Richard Montanez. Montanez was one of 11 children, his family grew up picking grapes in Guasti, Califorina, Guasti is a tiny farming town that’s 40 miles away from East LA. Richard didn’t like going to school because he didn’t know how to read or speak English.

Richard dropped out of high school and started working a variety jobs like factories, car wash, and gardening services. In 1976 a friend told him that they’re looking for a janitor in Frito-Lay. Montanez said he was the”best janitor Frito-Lay ever had.”

Richard stared to notice that Frito-Lay only had salt or BBQ flavors, no spicy or hot. The birth of Hot Cheetos was thanks to a broken machine that got him a bag of hot Cheetos and that’s how it came to life. Today Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and Frito-Lay’s are working together. Now Montanez was one time janitor to a vice president of Multicultural for Pepsi-Co America.

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