Begginer Types of Meditation


Stacy Ceja, Contributor

Concentration Meditation

  • This meditation involves focusing on one point. Following your breath, repeating only one word, staring at a single candle flame, listening to a repetitive gong or beads on a mala. It is very challenging for a beginner just meditating for only a small amount of time can work for longer periods of time.


Mindfulness Meditation

  •   Encourages the practitioner to observe their wandering thoughts. The intention of paying attention to the thoughts isn’t bad it is to be aware of the mental notes at come up. With this meditation it shows you how your thoughts come in particular patterns. With time one becomes aware of your tendency to either decide if your experience is good or bad.


  • Other meditation techniques is daily meditation to open compassion and also moving meditation techniques like tai chi, qigong, walking meditation.
  • There are also many other types of meditation that can be practiced but these are most easier for meditating beginners.

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