Most Dangerous Flowers and Plants


Isabel Vargas , Contributor

  1. Castor Oil Plant- It’s known as the “Palm of Christ”. A ricinus is a milligram plant that has enough to end an adult’s life. Ricinus most common cause of death is the eyes and skin because it causes redness and pain. The poison of the ricinus takes within 36 to 72 hours of exposure and within 5 days without complication.

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2. Aconitum- Known as the “Poison Queen” and it means the devil’s helmet. The severe cases of the poisoning plant is vomitting, dizziness, diarrhoea, and followed with palpitation paralysis of the heart airways, and death.

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3. Nerium Oleander- It’s known as “Sweetly scented killer” because outstanding beauty but it kills you. A single leaf from the flower is enough to kill a young human. The animals that consume the flower could die within days of eating it. Consumption of the plant will affect the heart.

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4. Dracula’s Flower- Mostly known as “Voodoo-lily” because when the flower blooms it releases an extremely odor akin to rotting meat. All parts of the plant are poisonous ingested and touching the plant, it could cause skin irritation or allergic reaction.


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5. The Crab’s eye- It’s the “deadly love bean” known as a scientifically Abrus and believed to originated from South East Asia. The seeds contain abrin, and extremely poisonous chemical. The damage by the attacked of the body’s function of the cellular level.

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