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  • Sunflowers were first cultivated in North America around 300 BCE and they were developed for food, medicine, dye, and oil by a couple of Spanish conquistadors around 1500.
  • They are very popular in the 19th century the Russian immigrants brought developed sunflowers to the U.S. Then the American sunflower burst and the farmers started to make sunflower oil in 1946.
  • These flowers grow the best in bright sunlight for six to eight hours and even more is better to get some sun.
  • ¬†Heliotropism is a behavior that sunflowers show, which is when the young blossom will face east in the morning and follow the sun.
  • The world’s tallest sunflower is 30 feet and 1 inch. 2014 it reached the Guinness World Record for the third time in a row.
  • It is thought in Mexico that sunflowers cure chest pain and infusing the leaves to help kidneys and sooth the pulmonary troubles.
  • Sunflower’s are made up of smaller flowers the center or disc in the middle can produce many seeds.
  • Once all the seeds stop producing the disc can be used as a scrubbing pads.

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