Field Trip to Warner Bros Studio


Adela Salazar, Contributor

Tuesday morning Mrs. Pickles and Mrs. Coleman’s class went to Warner Bros studio. About 96 students from Hueneme High got to go. We had to get two charter buses in order for us all to fit. Everyone was excited to get to see the set and where movies are made.

When we arrived we had to check in and go through all types of metal detectors. We were put into groups of 13 and a teacher. It was fun because we got to get  on carts. The tour guide drove us around the different lots. We didn’t get to go inside because most of them had a red flash. That meant that they were filming and to not make noise.

We did get to see the All American set. It was very interesting because the house wasn’t as big as they made it seem. The classrooms were not actual classrooms with desks. It was a backdrop. It looks blury in our eyes but on camera it looks like 3D very real. That was super interesting to me because I thought they went to a school to film.

We also got to see the bat mobiles and costumes from different types of movies. One of the most exciting ones was the Aguaman and Wonder-woman. To wrap it up, I had a lot of fun learning about films and movies.

Picture credit: Adela Salazar

Featured Image: Adela Salazar