Freshwater Fish for Beginners


Stacy Ceja, Contributor

1. Neon Tetra- They are small in size and have beautiful color in scales. It is best recommended since they are easy to take care of that it is better to have them in large groups.

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2. Danios- These freshwater fish are easy to take care of because they adapt to different water conditions. They are very active fish and are also easy to feed. Also they come in different patterns and colors.

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3. Platies- Platies are great for big tanks with many fish and are friendly with other fish. They come in a variety of colors and breeding.

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4. Guppies- These fish are pretty easy to feed the rest and are very active as well. There is a variety of colors they come in and mixed too.

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5. Cherry Barb- It make take sometime for them to first adapt and they can also tolerate big changes in the water and can adapt to plants very easily.

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6. Firemouth Cichilid- This fish got his name from the color of its scales. They are also a very friendly fish and they can grow up to 6 inches.

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7. Betta- They are considered one of the most stunning freshwater tropical fish you can have. But make sure you never put your Betta with another Betta or other fish because they are not friendly and will be aggressive to other fish.

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Source: Fishkeeping Advice