Tips to Becoming Vegetarian


Stacy Ceja, Contributor

1. First find a reason you wan to become vegetarian because if you do it for other people or to be cool it is hard to keep up with it. FindingĀ  reason can really motivate you to believe why you want to change your lifestyle.

2. Do research on vegetarianism and learn all about there is to know about being vegetarian.

3. Finding recipes that you are willing to try by looking inside cookbooks, magazines, online in websites.

4. Start by slowly changing your recipes into vegetarian options like trying every week a vegetarian recipe. So you get the hang or what are the items you will be willing to cook everyday or not as often.

5. Using substitutions like if you really like a recipe and it has meat just do it the same as usual just meatless of use other meat alternatives.

6. Starting out with getting rid of red meat first but start slowly trying recipes that don’t contain red meat.

7. Then slowly also cut out chicken and and seafood if you want to cut that out as well. Then also something to consider is getting rid of dairy and eggs taking vegetarianism to the next level.

8. There are people who just go for it and take all meat away completely. which does take determination to keep going and not breaking being a vegetarian. But after a couple weeks your body is going to get used to it so you won’t have any trouble.

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