Easter Egg Hunt with Hueneme High School!

Maria Gutierrez, Contributor

On April 11, the YES Academy went to Bubbling Springs Park to set up an Easter egg hunt for our SH department. We were very excited to see the reactions of the students when they saw all the eggs scattered throughout the grass. We hid enough eggs so that everyone was able to find 10. Every student had a bunny basket that they used to put their eggs in, and had a partner to help them find the eggs if they wanted help. After the search, they happily talked about the different treats the eggs had in them. At the end of the egg hunt, we all gathered up for a big picture. The outcome was amazing and a special thanks to Mr. Ehlers and the rest of the YES teachers for a wonderful day.


  • Fatima and Luz after the egg hunt.
  • Luz opening her favorite color egg

  • Group picture after the egg hunt


Featured Image: Google

Pictures 1, 2 & 3: Camera Roll

Group picture: Ms. Dunn