Rainbow Facts

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Rainbow Facts

Isabel Vargas, Contributor

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  1. A rainbow forms when is raining in one part of the sky and when the another side is sunny, that’s how a rainbow is form.
  2. An easy way to remember the rainbow’s color is ROYGBIV.

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3.  A rainbow’s arch is 42- degree angle starting from the opposite direction of the sun.

4. When the sun is lower the rainbow will be higher in the sky.

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5. On the ground we only see a semi circle of the rainbow but from the sky the rainbow is a complete circle.

6. There more rainbows on tropical locations.

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7. The earth is the only planet in the solar system that rainbows are possible.

8. In Greek mythology rainbow is a sign that it’s a bridge between heaven and earth.

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9. During the Renaissance time there were only four colors in the rainbow: red, blue, green, and yellow.

10. The world’s longest- lasting rainbow was in March 14, 1994 in Sheffield, England.

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