My Top Hair Dyes


Carissa Lopez, Contributor

Okay, I’ve done a lot to my hair. I’ve had it long, I’ve chopped it off, I’ve shaved the side and might even completely shave my head. However, the most I’ve done is dye it. I’ve had pink, purple, blue, and green all of varying shades. Due to this, I’ve tried plenty of different hair dyes and I’ll be listing my favorites for you.

  • Arctic Fox
    • Arctic Fox’s pink and green dyes are by far my favorite of any brand I’ve tried. They’re so pigmented and the pink was such a hot pink that it almost looked red, I adored it. They both faded really nicely with a colored hair care routine.
  • Lunar Tides
    • THERE ARE SO MANY SHADES, I love it. Blue Velvet is such a pretty true blue. This brand definitely has my favorite blues and purples. They last a decent amount of time, and fade nicely.
  • Manic Panic
    • The cult favorite. Violet Night is a really nice purple dye. This dye didn’t stick to my hair as well as the previous two dyes, but I’ve seen Manic Panic last a pretty decent amount of time for plenty of other people. So, I think that just comes down to my hair and not necessarily the formula.

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