Is College Worth It?

Bryant Caballero, contributor

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Theirs been many people saying if college is worth it.  Some people say that it is because you’ll get paid more but theirs other people that say its not worth it because of the debt and they couldn’t find a job they majored in. Some pros and cons about college is worth it are. A pro is that the average college graduates  makes $570,000 more than a high school graduate. The average income in 2016 for people that have a high school diploma had an income of $35,615 and people with college degree got around $65,482.

A con is that in May of 2018 there was about 44 million Americans owed over 1.5 trillion dollars in student debt. About 45% of students that have loans debt say that college is not worth it. Another pro that college is worth because you get a better education, more job opportunities , also it will be a new experience. Another con is that college is going to be more stressful then high school , also there jobs that don’t require college degree.Image result for college



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