Why Naps are Good For You!

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Why Naps are Good For You!

Adela Salazar, Contributor

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Once in a while we have a chance to take a nap. Working hard all day can give a lot of stress. Taking a nap does give us benefits.

  1. Improve memory
  2. Cut risk of heart disease
  3. Boost alertness
  4. Better productivity
  5. Elevates mood
  6. A way to get relaxation
  7. Less car accidents caused by no sleep occur

Even though you take a nap during the day it doesn’t mean that you made up the sleep time that you lost. It just benefits in many ways (as listed above). It can also have a negative impact in your schedule. For example, too much sleep can make you lazy and tired. The whole point of a nap is to gain extra energy to go on with the rest of your day. It like charging your phone. If you over charge your phone the battery will go to waste faster but if you charge it correctly then the battery will last longer.

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