You NEED sleep

Daniel Cabrera, Contributor

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Are you sleepy? Then this is the article for you.

Here are some tips that will help you get a better night’s sleep.

  • Avoid sleeping in on the weekends

It’s best to not do this because the more your sleep times differ from weekends to weekdays, this disturbs your natural sleep routine.

  • Fight the after-dinner “food coma”

Do something productive during this downtime, clean your room, wash the dishes, make plans with a friend, just don’t stay stagnant

  • Take a shower or a bath

The warm water of a shower or bath will help you relax your muscles and get you more ready for sleep

  • Caffeine is a no-no late in the day

Coffee will stimulate your nervous system and may be cause your body to not relax when it’s time for bed.

  • No late night meals

This could impact sleep quality and the natural release of  HGH and Melatonin





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