Daylight Savings

Leobardo Rodriguez, Contributor

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Daylight savings is when the time changes rather adding an hour to your day or taking an hour making the days shorter. This has become a thing in North America when farmers and worker would be in winter and part of spring the sun would come up earlier so to make up with this the days started an hour earlier, this helped labor worker and any other type of workers that would need the sunlight to work. In summer and autumn the days would start 1 hour late so the sun would stay up in the afternoon for a longer time. This time change is usually found United States and Europe.

Time change can also affect some businesses by changing their work schedules to work with the time change. This years first daylight saving will happen this Sunday March 10 and will end on Sunday November 3. Some places like Africa and Asia do not use these daylight savings. This time change happens at 2 a.m. in your local time zone. This also means that this Sunday you will lose one hour of sleep.

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