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E Cigarettes and V-Pens Have Become a Problem in Schools

Ariana Juarez, Contributor

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What’s vaping ?

Vaping is the process in which a person inhale and exhale the aerosol product which is often referred as vapor, and often mistake for water vapor, they are called electronic devices because instead of producing tobacco smoke they create an aerosol that consist of fine particles, which many of  this particles have found that contain amounts of toxic chemical which have been linked to various types of cancer, as well as respiratory and heart disease. 


Is vaping dangerous?

Probably, there is a grown body of evidence that can indicate that vaping products may be dangerous, despite the big market that they one day had, now days health advocates recommend to be careful while using them especially to young people that are the most affected and at risk when it comes to new drugs.


Why is vaping so popular between teens?

The new designs of this products make them small and easy to hide them, there is why JUUL has gain its popularity because of its USB kind of looking shape, also the kind of flavors of this product provide can trick our teen minds and let us think that they might be good and not harmful, but we are sure wrong because every JUUL product contains a high dose of nicotine, one pod or flavor contain about the same amount of nicotine that a whole pack of cigarettes

To me vaping has gain so much popularity because of social media, every time you go into any of this sites you can see people and most important celebrities and influences vaping in front of such a huge audience, and most percentage of this audience are teens, young people that can be influence easily, another reason that I can think about is that teens want to fit into the society around them, maybe a group of friends or a  group in general. I am sure that sometimes reason can be beyond this examples maybe teens are doing it for attention,sometimes parents do not pay sufficient attention to kids and they try to seek it by doing it, what another reason could it be that for one time trying it it became an addiction and because of the such an young age that the addicted are in they are not able to control it and became an addiction.

How do teachers not notice?

Students can be very sneaky, one of the methods that students used is that they separated the parts of the electronic  device and the way it does not look as dangerous, and if someone search them, probably they wouldn’t found anything that would send them in the office and get the in trouble. Another method that some students hide the device inside their sleeves, or  inside their shoes or other parts of clothing that can not be spot on.Students also have methods for using their devices inside of classroom, one good example and that most of them do is using it when the teacher in charge is not looking, pretty obvious you would think, how can they do it?, of course teachers would notice, well they do not noticed because the process in which the used the devices is very short, and other because it do not smell like a regular cigarette, it actually smell pretty good as mentioned before. So there you have it students can hide easily the devices and even used them during school hours without anybody noticed.


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E Cigarettes and V-Pens Have Become a Problem in Schools