Most Common Dreams and Their Meaning

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Most Common Dreams and Their Meaning

Maria Gutierrez, Contributor

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Dreams are a series of thoughts that go through your mind when you are asleep. They can be happy, sad, scary, or maybe even confusing. These are some very common dreams and what they might mean:

Falling teeth : When you dream about your teeth falling out, it means that you think your appearance to others is important. It may also mean that you are ashamed of something that you said.Image result for falling teeth

Flying : Dreams that include you flying mean that you are proud of something you accomplished or your life is simply going great.  Image result for flying human

Naked in public : If you felt uncomfortable, it means that you are insecure about your body. If you felt good, it means that you are comfortable in your body.

Not being able to run: When you can’t run in your dream, it means that you are going through an obstacle in your life where you feel hopeless or your self- confidence is low.  Related image

Falling : This dream could mean that something in your life, such as your relationship,  job or school is not going well and you have no control over it. Related image

Being chased : When you dream about someone chasing you, it means that you might be avoiding something and you should address the problem. Related image

Death : Although death seems like a bad sign, it actually could mean that you are done with something in your life and are ready to start a new chapter. Image result for new chapter in life

Thinking you woke up dream : This dream could involve you getting up and starting your morning routine, when in reality you are still asleep. This could mean that a very important day is coming your way and you want to be prepared for it.


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