Extinct Animals


Danny Martinez, Contributor


Great Auk

A large and flight less bird in the North Atlantic and as far South as Norther Spain. It had an average height of 75-85 cm and weighed about 5 kg. The Great Auk are powerful swimmers which helped them to hunt underwater for food. Extinct in the mid-19 century.

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Woolly Mammoth

An enormous mammal, believed to closely be related to the modern-day elephant. They are covered in fur and their curved tusks could easily be up to five meters long. The woolly mammoth eventually disappeared 10,000 years ago through a combination of hunted by humans and disappearance of its habitat through climate change.

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Pyrenean Ibex

The Ibex would grow to be a height of 60-70 cm at the shoulder and weight 24-80 kg and fed mainly on grasses and herbs. The last Pyrenean Ibex was killed by a falling tree in northern Spain in the year 2000.

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