Why You Should Do What Makes You Happy

Why You Should Do What Makes You Happy

Carissa Lopez, Contributor

We all hear that we should do what makes us happy, but I feel like it’s never gone more in depth than that shallow statement. So allow me to take up some time to try and explain why you should.

There will always come a time when you look back on things you’ve done. I do it all the time. We regret things we didn’t do, did do, never said, or said too soon. Then we regret not realizing that sooner. Why should you do what makes you happy? You should because you’re living for yourself. You’re the one that gets to live with your choices and make peace with your past. Why should anyone else care about what I wear or listen to, or what I do with my life?¬†Always¬†ask yourself that.

You don’t always get a second chance. Or you don’t realize that you’ve already had your second chance. So just live the way you want to. Do things for yourself, know yourself, take care of yourself. Things will get better when you do.

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