What Your Birthstone Says About You?


Stacy Ceja, Contributor

1. January – Garnet

They come in almost all colors like red, orange, yellow, green, purple, brown, blue, black, pink, colorless. Garnet stones help boost self-image. If this is your birthstone is means you are protective, supportive of your friends and family and also values loyalty.

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2. February – Amethyst

Amethyst come in a variety of quartz in hues of light pinkish violet to deep purple. This stone is connected to peace and royalty and there is a belief that it to ward off evil. This birthstone means tends to be multi-talented, courageous, and liked for their honesty.

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3. March – Aquamarine

This stone is in a variety of beryl, deriving its blue color from the presence of iron; the deep-blue category is called maxixe. It is connected with youth, love and hope as it helps purifying and healing. People whose birthstone is aquamarine love being with their family even though they love serenity.

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4. April – Diamond 

A diamond a crystalline form of pure carbon that comes in several colors and it represents never-ending love. this birthstone means you tend to wear your heart on your sleeve, and are romantic in nature.


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5. May – Emerald

This stone is in a variety of beryl, colored green due to the presence of chromium and vanadium. It signifies health and fertility and infinite patience. If this your birthstone it means that you are quick witted, intelligent, and intuitive by nature.

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6. June – Pearl

Pearls are characterized chastity, modesty and they have natural powers to relieve anxiety. This birthstone exhibit being light-hearted a character.

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7. July – Ruby

They come in hues of pink and blood red and it is associated with the sun and promotes wisdom and success. Ruby is your birthstone, you seek power, exude charisma, and are hardworking in nature.


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8. August – Peridot 

It is a gem- quality variant and there is a belief that it keeps evil, depression away. Peridot is your birthstone, you tend to be creative, problem solvers, intelligent, and nature lovers.

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9. September – Sapphire

Sapphires are a mineral corundum and come in different colors like blue, yellow, purple, orange, or green and or course the signature color blue. It is associated with spirituality, dignity, wisdom. If this is your birthstone you are honest, mentally strong and are shy at times.

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10. October – Opal

An opal is a amorphous silica, that comes in hues of white and green. It is said to boost hope, enthusiasm, and creative of the person who wears it. People who are linked with this birthstone are optimistic, have an innocent heart, compassionate heart.

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11. November – Topaz and Citrine

Topaz is a mineral of aluminium and fluorine and Citrine is a quartz they have the same hues like brown, yellow, orange. The person who wears it gives off good health and good luck. If this stone is your birthstone are fair minded, friendly, and have great mental strength.

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12. December – Turquoise

A Turquoise is opaque hydrated phosphate of copper and aluminium, it is believed that brings happiness and good fortune. People with this birthstone pursue in what they believe in and achieve in what they strive for.

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