5 Places To Take Your Loved One on Valentine’s Day

5 Places To Take Your Loved One on Valentine's Day

Kimberly Pichardo, Contributor


1. The Beach At Sunset

There are many wonderful beaches in the Oxnard community to get a phenomenal sight at our sunsets meeting the horizon. Take advantage of all the beaches close by, and consider them to be your next stop this Valentine’s Day! The Beach is the perfect place to take cute couple pictures, sight see, bring snacks and beverages to peacefully socialize, or even take a dip in the ocean if you are daring enough!

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2. Go Out To Eat

Go ahead and take out your loved one to a restaurant of your choice. What better choice is there than a cozy place and a hot meal ready to enjoy! Eating at a restaurant is probably one of the best options you have for socializing with your significant other. For a smooth romantic date, couples recommend going out for breakfast or dinner, so it’d be something nice to consider.

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3. The Movie Theaters

If socializing isn’t your thing but you still want to have a great time, the Movie Theaters is a great option to choose from. You have a variety of different type of genres to watch on this special day, for example comedies, horror, fantasies etc. Before you enjoy your show, make sure to grab your popcorn, snacks, and beverages.

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4. An Amusement Park

At any Amusement Park there are many activities that you and your sweet heart can participate in together. Whether roller coasters are your thing or not, there is always the food court, photo booths, sight seeing sections, carnival games and many more. Due to all the walking be prepared for a long tiring day!

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5.  Sight Seeing

If you guys are a on the go couple and love the entertainment, Zoo’s, Petting Zoo’s, Aquariums, and Museums is the perfect place! After a long and exciting day, don’t forget to stop by the food courts and souvenir shops!

Further Advice:

Be polite

Be respectful


Be on time

Be mindful

Be safe

And have fun!


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