What to expect from Stranger Things: Season 3


Stacy Ceja, Contributor

Stranger Things was a big hit when it came out in July 2016 with season 1. Season 2 was then released in October 2017 with nine episodes. After everyone had watched all the two seasons, there was a big demand for a third season which was already in the making. Here are some points to expect in the upcoming season that is being released on July 4, 2019.


1. There is a new location being added to Hawkins the Starcourt Mall where all the teens hang out.

2. Steve Harrington is going to be working in the Scoops Ahoy ice cream shop with a new character being added: Robin.

3. This season is going to have 8 episodes.

4. The episodes names are ‘Suzie, Do You Copy?’, ‘The Mall Rats’, ‘The Case of the Missing Lifeguard’, ‘The Sauna Test’, ‘The Source’, ‘The Birthday’, ‘The Bite’, ‘The Battle of Star Court’.

5. All the cast from season 2 is going to be there except Barb and Bob.

6. It’s going to be more outside-of-school based with summer activities and the Fourth of July, then it is going to turn dark.

7. There is going to be more of the Mind Flayer as shown in the previous season along with the mythology of the Upside Down.

8. A different side will be shown from Hopper as he is now a father to Eleven, also he might get closer and build a relationship with Joyce Byers.

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