Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Maria Gutierrez, Contributor

Valentine’s Day is a day where people all around the world share their love with the people they care about. Many people have trouble looking for what to give their significant other. The best things to give are the ones that have significance. These are a few gift ideas that your Valentine will love.

Valentine’s Day card

Cards will always be a great gift, because it shows that you took the time to express your thoughts and emotions. It’s not as common as it was before, and it’s something that could be kept forever.

Things to write:

  • Things you like about them
  • Story of how you met
  • Picture memories


One of the best stores for memorable items is Things Remembered. They have a variety of Valentines season jewels to choose from. The best thing about their jewelry is that it could be engraved with a special message from you or anything you’d like.

Examples of what to choose:

  • Custom necklace with their name and birthstone
  • Heart-shaped necklace with your initials
  • Bracelet with anniversary date engraved

Pictures credit: Things Remembered

Surprise Trip

If your Valentine enjoys spending time outdoors, a surprise trip would be a great option. You could buy  tickets to a theme park or take them somewhere that they haven’t been to before. Many places will have special events during that time.

Places to go to:

  • Disneyland
  • Santa Monica Pier
  • Los Angeles Zoo

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