Starbucks Delivering ?

Gustavo Angel Herrera, Contributor

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Starbucks is offering new ideas to its company to keep business steady as they now offer an option of delivery. Starbucks has been having a couple issue as publicity to its company is going down but that won’t stop them. The coffee company is now offering delivery in 7 major U.S cities through a partnership with Uber eats. The delivery service started today Tuesday  (1/22/19) in San Francisco and will expand to big known cities like Los Angeles,New York, Washington , and a few more. Most of the menus items are still available for delivery. Delivery takes 30 minutes or more depending your location and has a small fee of $2.49. Delivery allows customers to purchase items without having to step in and physically purchase your drink. Delivery can help in many ways like when running late to work and with a simple click can get you your drink to work without going in and waiting in line.

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