New California Car Exhaust Law

Leobardo Rodriguez, Contributor

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The state of California has issued a new bill the assembly bill 1824. The purpose of this bill is to stop street racers but hasn’t had a good publicity so far. The law has a petition against it already due to videos surfacing the internet of stock exhaust cars being pulled over and given a ticket of $1000. The bill makes it able for cops to give $1000 fines and not fix it tickets.But if you are pulled over and given one of these tickets you are able to go to court and fight it.

Before this the CHP would hand out fix it tickets that would have the owner of the vehicle would have to fix it then take the car to be examined and tested if not then you would be fined $1000.The petition that was made against this law already has over 197,000 as of right now 1/10/2019. The dBa limit on car exhausts in California is  95dBa.

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