Sundara Karma (They’re a Band)


Carissa Lopez, Contributor

Okay, today, I’ll be telling you about one of my all-time favorite bands, Sundara Karma! Welcome to the part of my Spotify playlists that no one seems to know about. Moving on, today’s band in question is from Reading, Berkshire, England; this is also where they made their debut performance at Reading Festival (2013). They’re described as indie pop/indie rock/art rock and currently have one full album out, with a second one being released this March.

The current- single-standing album is Youth is Only Ever Fun in Retrospect and is classified as alternative/indie and rock. Personally, I suggest A Young Understanding or Happy Family off the album.

The lead singer/guitarist’s name is Oscar “Lulu” Pollock, lead guitarist is Ally Baty, bassist is Dom Cordell, and the drummer is Haydn Evans.

Top photo courtesy of Flickr.
Bottom photo courtesy of Flickr.
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