Bansky the street artist

Leobardo Rodriguez, Contributor

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One of the biggest named street artist today is Bansky. Banksy is a England based street artist who has became very famous over his street murals. His work is well known all around the world with one of his biggest pieces were a little girl holding a red balloon as it fly’s to one side. He has been yet to be identified from his whole graffiti career. He is required to not show his face since graffiti is a crime he could face a lot of charges of all the street murals hes done over the years that weren’t given consent to paint there. Also over his career he has been in a long graffiti feud with a fellow England street artist named King Robbo. This feud got so big to the point that news stations were covering this topic.

Over the years he as had private gallery’s were he has showed off his art in a legal ways. I’ve seen his work on the internet so many times and it shows that his art has messages that a lot of people really love and aren’t against as much as regular street art. In my personal opinion he is on my top 5 Street artist list.

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