World’s Ugliest Dog Competition

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World’s Ugliest Dog Competition

Maria Roque, Contributor

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Dogs, they’re arguably one of the cutest animals on this planet. How can you not find a dog cute? There’s even dog competitions just to prove how talented and well put together your dog is. You may have heard about these wholesome competitions but you’ve probably never heard about the competitions where dogs’ not so good looks are shown off and praised.

There is an annual competition held in Petaluma California called “The World’s Ugliest Dog Competition”, the name itself is pretty self explanatory. It’s literally exactly what it seems to be, dogs are judged and to win the dog has to be the “ugliest” one of them all. This competition tends to be held the 4th week of June.

Along with being crowned the ugliest dog, the dog’s owner also receive a $1000 check along with a trophy but as of 2017 the prize money has gone up to $1500, a trophy and along with a free trip to New York City. I’d like to point out that this contest has been going on for some time now, it’s been held every year since the 1970’s.

This competition is open to dogs from all around the world. Unlike other competitions, this one does not discriminate by breed specification, which means mutts are also allowed to participate. This competition is also big on spreading awareness and educate the public about dogs. They also offer the opportunity for people to adopt rescue dogs.

2018 winner: Zsa Zsa
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