The 4 Strokes of Competitive Swimming

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The 4 Strokes of Competitive Swimming

Sirena Navarro, Contributor

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Backstroke (back)

Backstroke is the only stroke utilizing the back, the advantages of this stroke is easy breathing, the disadvantages are the fact that you cannot see where you are swimming, and you can mess your flip turn if you decide to wait too long.


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Breaststroke (breast)

The Breaststroke is the most popular stroke as your head is out of the water for the majority of the time. Breaststroke is fairly easy if you have good hand-to-leg coordination.


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Butterfly (fly)

Butterfly stroke is the most strenuous stroke out of the four, it involves you bringing your whole upper body out of the water, and swinging your arms symmetrically .


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Freestyle (free)

Freestyle is the least restricted stroke out of the four, many execute this stroke in different ways.


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