8 Reasons to take a Nap

Brycen Cusson, Contributor

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while taking a nap in the middle of the day is often seen as lazy, it has many benefits.

  1. A nap can help with remembering things you learned earlier in the day as well as improve your short term memory.
  2. Also studies have  shown that those who take naps are better at connecting information.
  3. A nap can also help with keeping consistent with your work and can stop the degrading of quality throughout the day.
  4. Napping or even just laying down and relaxing can improve your mood
  5. A quick 20 minute nap can improve your alertness
  6. Taking a nap is often better then caffeine as a quick nap can improve learning capabilities.
  7. If your really stressed a 30 minute nap can help along with lowering blood pressure.
  8. A nap can also help you be more creative.




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