What Is Leukemia?

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What Is Leukemia?

Syerra Rodriguez, Contributor

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Leukemia is cancer of blood cells. There are several categories due to blood cells such as red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. Leukemia is mostly found in the white blood cells.

White blood cells are a vital part of your immune system. The white blood cells protect your body from invasion by the viruses, bacteria, and fungi as well as the abnormal cells.

White blood cells are commonly found in the bone marrow. Only certain types of the white blood cells are made in the lymph nodes, spleen, and the thymus gland. The white blood cells circulate throughout your body in your blood and lymph concentrating on your lymph nodes and spleen. Leukemia is not curable, but it can be treated by a hematologist or a oncologist. People who have leukemia are very aware of not living the rest of their life.

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