Top 10 Eye Shadow Palettes

Syerra Rodriguez, Contributor

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1. Too Faced – Sweet Peach

The Too Faced Sweet Peach includes 18 shades of peachy pink.

2. Too Faced – Natural Love

This Natural love eye shadow palette has 24 different natural shades and it’s a great palette to use during the summer.

3. Urban Decay – Naked Heat

This Naked Heat eye shadow palette by Urban Decay has 12 different shades. These shades will Match any outfit you decide to put on.

4. Too Faced – Chocolate Bar

The Chocolate Bar has 16 natural shadows and 3 delicate pinks.

5. Urban Decay – Naked3

This Naked 3 eye shadow palette is a metallic rose gold case with 12 bendable shades.

6. Ciate Chole Morello –  Pretty, Fun and Fearless

This eye shadow palette was created by a vlogger named Chloe Morello. This eye shadow palette is packed with very nice trendy colors.

7. Smashbox – Cover Shot

The Smashbox palette is a seven high impact eye shadow palette. Inspired by a vlogger named Shay Mitchell.

8. Too Faced – Natural Eyes

This Too Faced Natural Eyes is perfect for any occasion. This palette is very nice and natural.

9. Urban Decay – Naked

The Urban Decay palette is also a very nice and natural palette.

10. Naked2

It’s a matte finished with shimmery color.  This eye shadow palette has about 12 colors.

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