The Pitbull

Leobardo Rodriguez, Contributor

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The pitbull has had a very very bad name. Every time you heard the name pitbull you might think of a very aggressive dog that eats people for fun. The reality of this is that pitbull’s are very good dog that are very loving and  loyal. This dogs mentality all depends on how you treat it or how you train it. If your mean to the dog the dog will eventually learn to dislike you and be more aggressive towards you.

These dogs have proven to be good dogs in many instances. Some police station even use these types of dogs as their sniffing dogs. Although the breed doesn’t have the best smelling scenes they are still used but this isn’t to common since the German Shepard is better in keen scenes. Pitbulls to this day are criticized for being horrible killer dogs, fighting dogs, and unloving dogs. Some people do not give these dogs the opportunity to redeem them self’s and make a better name for their breeds name. These dogs are good to have in your house because they are loyal and will show you love if they fell loved.

These dogs are also good dogs for the dog Olympics since they have a strong body frame but are also very fast.In mexico there is a pitbull that won in the dog Olympics for highest run up a wall.This dog was able up the wall up to 14 meters, that’s a lot. These dogs are even able to pull thousands of pounds.This is usually a sport more used by smaller pitbulls that have larger chests since their not as tall it helps pull heavy weights.

These dogs have had a bad name for the humans wrongs, we were the ones that would train them to fight bear, and even lions.This type of dog fighting started the bad name for the bred and then they would just be fought against each other creating a really good fighting dog with a notorious reputation.In some states in the U.S these dogs are illegal due to their behavioral issues.These dogs are well-know around the world so places like the UK ban people from owning them.But one notable thing about the dog is that once they feel like they are being abused they will turn to their k9 senses and some dogs do attack their owners but this happens when the dog is not raised properly. If the dog gets to this point of aggressiveness its better off just to give it to the dog pound or even have it put it down if the case is that serious.

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