The Works of Wes Anderson

Carissa Lopez, Contributor

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Wes Anderson, a director from Houston, has directed 9 feature-length films.
He’s written the story or screenplay for all of these movies. His first film was Bottle Rocket, which follows a recently-released psychiatric patient as he joins friends for a crime-spree scheme. Since, he’s directed movies such as The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Moonrise Kingdom, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and most recently, Isle of Dogs.

Picture from Flickr.

Wes Anderson movies are only describable as Wes Anderson movies, and you’ll recognize the style almost immediately. His movies have a very specific feel to them, with the color palette and the way it’s shot. He does a lot of tracking shots and pairs extremely vivid shades with softer tones. When you watch a movie directed by Anderson, you get a very dream-like feeling. His characters can be considered complex but also very surreal. They’re people you can’t imagine knowing, but are somehow very similar to real people you know at the same time. His films don’t have to have rational decisions or average plots, and in most cases, there is a heavy feeling of eccentricity. There’s emotion, passion, and a small lack of rationality.

In my opinion. his movies border on surreal. They’re like dreams put into film. However. they are very human in multiple aspects. Maybe his style isn’t your thing, and that’s okay. All I know is that his movies have definitely been a key component to the development of my love and appreciation for film. Personally, I suggest watching Moonrise Kingdom or The Royal Tenenbaums.

Picture from Flickr.

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