Green Anaconda

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Green Anaconda

Oscar Silva, Contributor

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The common name for this snake is the Green Anaconda. It’s the biggest snake in the world weighing in over 500 pounds. This snake has a life span of 10 years in the wild but way more in captivity. Its diet depends on carnivores and reaches a length up to 30 feet which is equivalent to a school bus. This snake has incredible strength it would literally  crush you to death and just devour you head first. 

  • Live in swamps, marshes, and slow moving streams and the rain forests in the Amazon
  • They can detect their prey with body heat
  • After one big meal they can go up to months without eating
  • Females max eggs are around 35 eggs each when hatched they are 2 feet long ready to hunt.



Source: National Geographic

Image: Flickr

Featured Image: Wikipedia

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