Things to do on a rainy day

Fernando Vega

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One of the most popular and best thing to do when it’s rains outside is stay inside and just watch movies with hot cocoa. Staying in and staying warm is everybody’s favorite. Another thing that you can do when it rains is go outside and jump in puddles. Jumping in puddles and getting wet is a really fun thing to do to. Also, just going out side and having fun is a fun thing to do when it rains.

If you’ve never gone outside and just ran around in the rain then you haven’t had. Even if the sky is dark and its kind of cold outside its still a beautiful day because its raining. The rain can be really fun even if you grab a chair and just sit down and look at the rain. When it rains it’s always nice to stay warm because it feels really nice and its also nice playing board games with your family or with friends.

The final big thing that is really fun to do is tell scary stories. There are so many scary stories to tell when it’s raining outside, the rain really sets the mood to tell scary stories. You can even go over to a friends house and stay up all night just eating junk food and watch funny videos. On rainy days there is a lot of things that you can do its just in you wanting to do something fun. Just because its raining outside it doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything that you can do on a sunny day. It’s all about having an imagination.

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