I spoke to the Board of Supervisors!!!

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I spoke to the Board of Supervisors!!!

Adela Salazar, Contributor

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On December 04,2018 I was invited by the Tequio club to go on a protest. It was mainly about getting our voices heard. The Board of Supervisors were really surprised to see a lot of youth from ages 7 to 18.

I saw a lot of programs and organizations that were with us and supporting our arguments. Cause, MICOP (Tequio) and about three more but I can not recall the names. We were all there to support but not all of us got to speak. We all had 1 minute to speak unless we needed a interpreter  in that case they gave us 2 minutes. The person that was going to speak had to have a speaker card so that we can be called up.

Before we entered the room Sonia, the youth coordinator, asked for volunteers and well it was up to me and Daisy (member of the club from CIHS)to decide who would have the courage to speak. I volunteered after she refused to. My card was made and we headed to the room. I started to get nervous because there were a lot of people watching from inside and outside of the room.

The first speaker went up and from there many more. Sonia made my card last which meant it was on top of the others. I was the first youth to speak and I went up there with pride. Sonia offered to go and stand with me but I refused because I am brave like that. After reading my testimonies I felt relieved and proud.

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Steve Bennett said “I have a question, What youth group are you with?'”

and I responded “Tequio”

Steve Bennett stated, “You speak very well”

At that point I was very proud of my self because I got my voice heard not only by the Board of Supervisor but later I found out it was broadcasted. At first I felt a little nervous to speak in front a lot of adults. Afterwards a lot of them told me that I spoke very well. It was a great experience to see how many people can relate to what I have seen and gone through. We welcome youth regardless if they aren’t from the indigenous group but are willing to support us in upcoming events.

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